Monday, March 26, 2012

August 2011 Patriotic Stars

I attended a 3 day retreat at HandiQuilter in North Salt Lake in June of 2011.  There I learned how to utilize the functions of the computer on my machine called the "Prostitcher".  My impression when I purchased the machine was this was a no brainer.  Boy was I wrong.  It takes a lot of know how to effectively manage the capabilities of this machine.  I have since come to believe that it would be easier at times to stitch free-motion but since I have invested in this computerized portion I had better learn to make the most of it.

While attending the retreat I became aquainted with a new HQ dealer from the Portland area.  Thea has been in business for 10 years. We have a lot in common with my background in the business world so we hit it off great.  When my daughter Rachel planned to attend a family reunion in Utah in July she was traveling past near Thea's shop so she stopped in to pick up a couple of quilts that Thea wanted me to quilt for her. The Patriotic quilt I quilted with Anne  Bright's "Celebration" in an edge to edge in the center, a small star stop border and the "Celebration" large border.   
Thea's Celebration Quilt
The "Star" stop border is also from Anne Bright.

I love the way the Patriotic red, white and blue stars were set into the background of navy blue.  I used a white thread on the stop border, and light blue on the other areas.

This was only the 2nd quilt I had done with separate borders. It took 17 hours to quilt it.  Hope I get faster. I learned that you cannot just setup the quilt and walk away.(Actually I learned that on one of the first quilts I did)  Borders especially take a vigilant watching over as the fabric is fluid as it goes through the quilting process.  Borders take a lot more manipulation of the fabric while stitching to make sure the end result is pleasing.

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