Friday, April 13, 2012

Pack Family Reunion 2013 Hunter's Star

To get detailed up close pictures of the stitching, double click on the pictures.  

This is a quilt I pieced using the Quilt Smart Hunter's Star pattern.  My friend Tamera and I decided to quilt together once a week. Tamera had never quilted before and wanted to learn.  We thought this would be a great project to do together.  I loved the colors of these fabrics together.  The quilting designs I used were Eve Rosebud, Eve Rose and Eve Swirl by Anne Bright. This quilt is being donated to the Pack Family Reunion Fund Raffle 2013.
The Hunter's Star Quilt I pieced

This shows the Eve Swirl border in the yellow.

I used the EveRose border set in the red outer border.

This block from the Eve Rosebud Little Sister Set showed the
pattern very nicely in the yellow  sections.

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