Wednesday, December 11, 2013

So honored! My quilt took third place.

Update:  January 10, 2014  Would you believe this is the first chance I have had to sit down and update this blog.  I am so very excited that I won third place in the Iron Quilter's challenge.  By winning 3rd place I was able to select in order the prizes that I would prefer. Since I would have been happy with any one of the top three prizes, 1 - Babylock sewing machine - $800.00 SRP  2 - Missouri Star Quilter's cash $500.00  and 3 - RJR Fabric package $500.00. I said it didn't matter which one.  The next morning I was informed that I had won the top prize, the $800.00 Babylock Sewing Machine.  I am thrilled.  I now have a blanket stitch to do applique work.  I am excited to learn to use this machine.  My hubby saw the package come before I did and wrapped it up so I could open it on Christmas morning.  So excited.  In addition to winning third place I was encouraged to produce a pattern for this quilt.  So I ordered additional charm packs (pictured with the machine) and am just getting started working on re-producing the quilt to document the directions.  Another wonderful thing that happened was that I was invited to submit this quilt for a special quilting exhibit next fall. Does it get any better than this?  So honored.

I am so excited that I made the final 28 of 459 quilts.  The voting now goes on in this final round until Midnight on Dec 15th.  I know it is a very busy time of year to ask people to take a few minutes out to do you a favor but I would so appreciate anyone willing to take the time to vote again in this final round.  Here is the current link to the finals and my quilt.  I have loved this experience of reading people's comments. They have given a lift to my days like no other.

Click here to vote on "Focus on Beauty" in the final round of voting.


  1. I was so excited that you placed 3rd and won a sewing machine. Your quilt was beautiful!!

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