Friday, March 16, 2012

July 2011 Emily's Quilt

My niece Emily's quilt was made as a memorial of their trip to Belize.  The quilting design she chose just happened to be named "Emily" as well.

At this point, I had been purchasing individual patterns from Anne Bright and loved every single one.  After speaking with Anne by phone a number of times, I met her at the HMQS (Home Machine Quilting Show) in SLC and she convinced me that in order to hit the ground running with the ability to do any style of quilt I should join her monthly club and purchase the backdating of her past club designs.

I have so appreciated Anne's willingness to work with me and advise me along the way.  I have loved her designs and look forward every month to the new designs which are emailed on the first of each month.  It's like Christmas on a regular basis.  The ladies in her office have been so helpful every step of the way.  I now have over 3000 designs in my computer.

Emily's Memories of Belize Quilt Quilted with Anne Bright's "Emily"
Wendy brought over a quilt that she had made years ago. It was an Amish reproduction that had hung around the house after simply being pinned together. When she got my email saying I was starting a quilting business, she called me,  wanting to know if it were possible to quilt it after all this time.  I replaced the batting and trimmed up the edges and quilted a simple stipple pattern.
Wendy's Amish reproduction looked new again once it was trimmed and quilted.  I hope she will now get many more years use from this quilt.

I am realizing now that there are several quilts I didn't photograph before giving them back to their owners. So I am going to reserve some space for them and hope to get some pictures.
This space is saved for Judy's Stack n Whack Quilt.

This space is saved for Sandy's cowboy baby quilt.

My former niece and good friend Mythanne came to town to visit her kids and was able to stay with me overnight.  We had a great visit while making a simple baby quilt for her niece while she was here.  She brought the top fabric with her and we shopped for and pieced the back with minkee.

Mythanne's baby quilt.  She took the binding with her to visit Kaitlin in Idaho.

I attended the HMQS (Home Machine Quilting Show) in Salt Lake City in May 2011, taking some classes in free motion quilting, how to decide what to quilt.  Kim Brunner, Sally Terry and _________taught the classes I attended.  I was overwhelmed at this point just trying to learn the machine.  I made a feeble attempt at free motion and then decided that I had better concentrate on the computerized pro-stitcher first since my investment in that was as much as the machine itself.

I took good notes in the classes however and was grateful for a tip from one of the teachers who said that whenever she had a warm scrappy quilt she quilted it with a "taupe" thread and a "cool" one she did with a "charcoal grey". This tip really came in handy as this quilt was waiting at home for me to do and the taupe worked out perfectly.  
Pam's Fall scrappy quilt.  Stitched with Taupe Thread.  Pam likes large open stitching. 
Closeup of Pam's Fall Scrappy quilt stitched with Anne Bright's "Soft and Sweet".

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