Friday, March 23, 2012

July 2011 Suzie's Missionary Quilt

My friend Suzie made this quilt for  her daughter's friend who was leaving for an LDS mission.  The pattern used for the quilting was Anne Bright's "Father's Day" which is a collage of men's ties. 

The center of Suzie's missionary quilt was appliqued.
The pattern showed up best in the border. In retrospect
I think I would have done the pattern smaller
so the ties would show up better.

This quilt was pieced by my friend Sandy. I called it Posies (Not sure what she called it) and stitched it with Anne Bright's "Simple Feathers".  This is a very cute and simple baby quilt pattern that is quick to stitch up.  I chose the feathers pattern to complement the pink and white feathered block.

Sandy's Posie quilt
Sandy's Posie Quilt

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