Wednesday, March 14, 2012

April 2011 Senior Girl's Quilts


With the help of my daughters, I am entering the blogging world today in an effort to document my long arm quilting journey.  I purchased a HandiQuilter Fusion with Pro-Stitcher on March 7, 2011 hoping to put the energies no longer required by and at times resented by my children, into something that would bring me joy and a sense of accomplishment.  It has been all this and more.  I finished quilting my 50th quilt prior to my 1 year anniversary date. So please bear with me as I learn to blog and try to show you my first 50 quilts in an organized manner.

In an effort to gain practice time, I offered my services at a discount to the first 10 customers.  At the time. the girls (actually mostly moms) in our LDS ward were making quilts for the girls to take away to college.  My friend Karmel was (very bravely I thought) my first customer with Hayley's Senior T-shirt Quilt.  Hayley's T-shirt quilt is draped over the machine.
Hayley's T-Shirt Quilt stitched with Anne Bright's "Splat"

These are the quilts I did for some of the other girls.  The women in our ward's Relief Society (the church's women's group) gathered together one evening with the girls and worked on the binding for the quilts.  it was a successful evening with approximately 40-50 people participating.

Cassidy's T-shirt quilt.  As you can tell, one of her main interests in high school was Drama.Anna's quilt was next. I used Flowers for Lynda by Anne Bright.

Anna's Quilt.  Anna's mom Susan and Susan's mother put together this quilt together of 30's re-production blocks. The quilt design I used was "Flowers for Lynda" by Anne Bright.
At this point I realized that I should be taking up close pictures of the quilting to show customers what I can do. So hopefully you can see better the stitching designs I used.

This is my niece Sayer's quilt.  She wanted a very simple quilt that she could use as a throw at college.  Backed with minkee fabric (my first quilting on minkee) I used the "Champagne" design by Anne Bright. 

This is my daugter CieJae's quilt which I pieced together using a pattern I found on the internet.  The quilting design is  "Feathers n Flowers" by Anne Bright.  The "60's" fabrics are from Riley Blake.

This shows the borders of CieJae's quilt.  At this point I am only doing edge to edge designs so I love that it showed up so nicely in the border.  Quilted with King Tut pink variegated thread.  I love the quilting design.

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  1. these are gorgeous! Sounds like you are having the time of your life. Next time I'm in Utah I'm stopping by for a demonstration.