Sunday, April 1, 2012

August 2011 Kay's Quilt

Kay brought me this darling quilt she made for a son's friend.  I loved her choice of fabrics.  The pinks were set off so nicely by the black and white fabrics.  This was a happy quilt that I loved working on.  The edge to edge pattern I used was Anne Bright's "Splat".  The backing for this quilt was a zebra printed "Minkee".  

Observations:   The quilting thread totally disappears into the fibers of the minkee.  If the minkee is printed the pattern also disappears for the most part. But if the Minkee is a solid color the pattern or design of the quilting really shows up nicely.

Kay's Pink and Black "Happy" Quilt

Love the colors and prints on Kay's quilt.
I loved the print fabrics she chose and the "zebra" minkee back.

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