Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Feb 2012 Block of the Month Quilt

This quilt was one I thought about for over 4 months before finally receiving the commission.  Thea told me last summer she would have me quilt it as soon as it was finished and it would hang in her  quilt shop for the entire year.  The pattern design set I used was Anne Bright's Gilded Shimmer.  Each triangle had to be individually sized and set  inside the pink border. The blocks were then set within the black square chained sashings.  This quilt took 22 hours to complete the stitching.  I was glad that Thea was as happy as I was about the finished project.  
Quilting Delights 2012 Block of the Month club
What was especially fun about this quilt is the way the stitching showcased differently within each pieced block. 

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