Monday, May 20, 2013

2012 Family Reunion Quilt

When we were in charge of the Pack Family reunion in 2011,  we decided to do a fundraiser auction after dinner to help pay for the costs of the reunion.  We sold raffle tickets for .50 each and made over $400.00 for the fund from the quilt alone. That night we raised about $1200.00 total. Since it was so successful, it was decided to carry the tradition on each year.  This is the quilt I did for the 2012 reunion which was finished just weeks after the 2011 one because I had leftover fabric from that one.  Then it sat around while I did customer quilts.  Anne Bright came out with the perfect set of patterns just in time.  They were called Grooving!  So fun.  My great niece, 8 year old "Amelia Payne" won the raffle and I have never seen anyone so excited.

These patterns are from the Anne Bright's "Grooving"

Grooving Love Bug was perfect for the border.
So 60's and 70's!!!

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  1. I love this quilt design and WOW what a beautiful quilt.