Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Patti's Fall Throw Quilt

My sister Patti wanted an edge to edge pattern for this throw quilt.  I love her quilting.  She does all kinds of hand applique work and each quilt is a work of art. Her home is filled with her quilts. When my daughter first asked me to make a quilt for her new baby (I having not quilted since I outfitted nurseries for my own children) I said you have me mixed up with my sisters.  Both Julie and Patti and experts in my opinion.  Little did I know that I would catch the bug but certainly in a different way.  I can hardly hold a needle in my hand and I don't have the patience to hand applique by any means, so the machine quilting is where I will stay.  Love seeing the finished projects others have put so much time and effort into and the feeling of being able to enhance the finished project. 

Quilted with "Old Oakkey" by Anne Bright.

Close up of quilting.

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