Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lori's 1st Quilt

I love longarm machine quilting because:  whenever I finish a quilt top, not being a perfect quilter (and I haven't met any yet) I see all the imperfections in the project I had just completed.  I weigh the time it would take to fix the problems, usually a mismatched seam here and there or some extra fullness where I can't figure out how it happened.  Borders that look a little skewampus corners that didn't come together just right etc.....   Each time I took one of my own quilts to my friend Jina she just kept encourging me to keep on keepin on, I would pray that it would look okay when it was finished, and that she wouldn't have noticed the little boo boos as I was learning this art of quilting and judge me incompetant.  

And every time I got my quilt back from the Jina (my longtime longram quilting friend who now has a prominent roll in Riley Blake Fabric Designs and doesn't have to quilt for friends) she would  hand me a masterpiece.  Longarm quilting seems to transform my quilt tops into works of art (at least in my eyes).  Check out my earlier post about my daughter's quilt for an analogy about this process.  

I am continuously amazed at the beginning quilters who bring me such intricate quilt tops.  They are heroines in my book.  Willing to take a chance, learn something new and trust me with their creation.  My hats off goes to Lori in her desire to make a quilt (her first) for her brother as a thank you for help he had given her.  She pieced a panel into the middle of this quilt (no easy feat) and the quilt turned out very nice.  Thank you friends for allowing me to be part of the process.

Qulited with Anne Bright's "Old Oakkey" Love this rustic pattern. 

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